Promoting girls' and women's involvement in rugby around the United States.

What is Try on Rugby?

A USA Rugby initiative dedicated to growing the number of girls and women in rugby. Try on Rugby has educational and promotional materials for introducing rugby into schools with the goal of starting sustainable girls' programs. In support of these programs, Try on Rugby encourages women to try on coaching, refereeing, and administrating.

How Does Try on Rugby Work?

Try on Rugby has multiple components for getting young girls and women involved.

  • Try on Rugby Participation Program - The Try on Rugby Participation Program offers curriculum and starter materials to introduce the sport of rugby to young girls. The curriculum is easily implemented in girls programs or within a rugby club.
  • Try on Rugby for Adults Women have the opportunity to get involved in rugby at any age. Try on Rugby supports pathways to coaching, refereeing, and administrating though educational materials and specific courses for women.