Kids are four times more likely to play a sport if they play it in P.E. class first. Because of this we want to see a flag rugby unit taught in every P.E. class in America! This exciting, fast-paced activity will have kids moving and having fun in no time! Rookie Rugby satisfies the National Standards for Physical Education as outlined by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).

Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers

Q: I've heard rugby is a dangerous sport; I can't have a contact sport in my classes.
A: Rookie Rugby is the non-contact version of the game involving flags. It is a fast-paced game for boys and girls of all ages. Rookie Rugby is perfect for P.E. classes because it keeps kids moving and active while having tons of fun!

Q: I don't know anything about rugby, how can I teach it?
A: USA Rugby has developed a full P.E. curriculum specifically for educators like you! This curriculum is full of lead-up games and instruction on teaching flag rugby. To learn more about flag rugby and to download the curriculum, visit RookieRugby.com.

Q: How much will it cost for me to introduce rugby in my classes?
A: Rugby is one of the lowest cost options for children in the U.S. You can use flag belts that you use for other activities like Flag Football. All you need it a rugby ball! You can find rugby balls for less than $20 online at WorldRugbyShop.com.

Q: This sounds great! How do I get started?
A: Getting Rookie Rugby in your school or community program is easy! Just follow these three simple steps!

  1. Download our free resources here to learn all about Rookie Rugby!
  2. Get a Rookie Rugby ball from World Rugby Shop!
  3. Local representatives are available to lead in-class sessions and professional development days. Click here to contact your Rookie Rugby Rep today or . . .

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Get started playing Rookie Rugby today by purchasing your Rugby in a Box Starter Kit! Each kit contains all of the equipment and materials you need to play full flag rugby. The contents of the box include:

  • Two Official Rookie Rugby Balls
  • 20 Boundary Cones
  • Two Sets of Flags - Red and Blue
  • "How to Play the Game": - Rule Book
  • 30 Game Play and Skills Cards
  • Comprehensive Educational Manual
  • Official Rookie Rugby Stickers

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Help us capture information about non-contact youth rugby participation throughout the country. Let us know where you have played Rookie Rugby including in P.E. classes, summer camps, clinics, jamborees, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and other youth rugby initiatives.

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