Molly Kinsella

Molly Kinsella
USA Rugby Eagle Profile
Eagle No. 217
Born November 10, 1989
Hometown Hinsdale, IL
High School Hinsdale Central
Height 6'2"
Weight 220
Club San Diego Surfers
Caps XV: 11
College Stanford University
Previous Clubs
Glendale Women's Rugby
Chicago North Shore
When and how did you start playing rugby?
I started playing rugby my junior year of college. I had done 2.5 years of Varsity Track and Field at Stanford when I decided to quit. I thought I'd take some time for myself. 2 weeks later I saw my first rugby game. I was at practice the next Tuesday with cleats and a mouthguard. It was love at first hit.
What is the best thing about being a USA pool player?
Learning and playing with the most talented, athletic, intelligent, well-rounded, funny, kind, giving athletes in the world.
What does representing your country mean to you?
Playing for the Eagles means having the opportunity to make my family, my friends, my coaches, my teammates and my mentors proud of me. It is an honor and a pleasure to work and play as hard as I can in order to show the world what USA Rugby is.

Match List

Date Venue OpponentTeamCompetition Result
28 Mar, 7:00 pmChula Vista Elite Athlete Training CenterCanadaWomen's Eagles
5 - 39
01 Apr, 6:00 pmChula Vista Elite Athlete Training CenterCanadaWomen's Eagles
10 - 37
Date Venue OpponentTeamCompetition Result
07 Jun, 12:00 pmOxnard CollegeFranceWomen's Eagles
13 - 10
Date Venue OpponentTeamCompetition Result
Date Venue OpponentTeamCompetition Result
27 Jun, 6:00 pmCalgary Rugby ParkEnglandWomen's Eagles
Super Series
13 - 39
01 Jul, 8:30 pmRed DeerCanadaWomen's Eagles
Super Series
36 - 28
05 Jul, 12:00 pmEllerslie Rugby ParkNew ZealandWomen's Eagles
Super Series
14 - 47
Date Venue OpponentTeamCompetition Result