Accident Claims

  1. Injured participant or parents of an injured participant (if a minor) will complete the USA Rugby Incident report located here.
  2. Once the incident report is complete, email the report to USA Rugby at usarugbyclaims@usi.comNo bills can be processed by CHP Insurance until a completed incident report has been sent in and approved by USA Rugby.
  3. You must file a claim with your family health insurance prior to filing anything under this policy.  Please be sure to supply your medical provider your family health insurance information as primary coverage and the USA Rugby Insurance program information as secondary.  If you provide the above information to the medical providers, they will automatically bill the primary and secondary (USA Rugby/CHP) insurance with the proper itemized billing statements and the required primary insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB's).  If you do not have family health insurance, the USA Rugby/CHP Insurance program would be your primary insurance and the medical providers should be provided with the CHP mailing information found on the incident report.
**Please note that CHP will not be able to process any medical bills without a completed incident report.**