Liability Insurance

Perhaps the most visible of the USA Rugby member benefits, liability insurance provides liability protection in case of property damage or bodily injury to third parties. These parties may include the venue owner, coaches, referees, sponsors, spectators and others.

Most venue owners will require this type of insurance before a club is allowed to step on the field of play.

Upon request, USA Rugby provides each club with a certificate of insurance. Registered clubs are added to USA Rugby's policy as Named Insureds, simply for registering each year. If field owners, schools, or sponsors request proof of this coverage, USA Rugby will add these entities to the policy as "additional insureds" on the club's behalf.

To request a certificate of insurance, naming a third party (ie City of Boston, Santa Monica Unified School District, etc.), please submit a request using the electronic certificate request in the options on the left. Certificates are typically returned within Fourteen (14) business days.

Certificates valid through August 31, 2020, can be issued once a club is registered and has at least 15 members and an active coach on their public roster. Certificates of insurance can only be issued for Certificate Holders based in the United States. Only a single club can be listed on a certificate of insurance.

NOTE: USA Rugby is unable to issue a certificate of liability insurance to a club that is not in compliance with the requirements above, including a current club registration, and a certified and registered coach.

Directors & Officer Insurance Policy:

For information on a Directors & Officer Insurance Policy for your team or organization, please email Kevin Swiryn -

Still have questions? Check out our Certificate of Insurance FAQs below!

Important message to our member clubs regarding Waiver and Release forms. Please take the time to review the letter below and we appreciate your assistance with this matter.

* * *

Dear Rugby Club,

As you all know, you are required to accept and maintain properly executed and signed USA Rugby Membership Application forms, with the properly signed Waiver and Release of Liability.

USA Rugby's General Liability insurance provider relies on a signed Waiver and Release to defend an allegation of negligence which results in injury. A Waiver and Release provides the following:

Contractually obligates the athlete and/or parent not to sue the organization

Many do not consider litigation with the knowledge that they have signed a Waiver and Release

Provides a first method of defense against allegations of negligence

Most sports require a signed Waiver in order to participate

In addition to your collection of these documents, we also need to stress maintenance of these documents. While we recognize that this may be encumbering, please note the following statistics:

Most states "Statute of Limitations" is two to three years

There are a number of states/jurisdictions whose statute of limitations is in excess of the 2-3 standard, and as high as 6 years

A minor's Statute of Limitations does not begin until they reach their age of majority which is generally 18 years of age (there are 2 or 3 states which majority is 19)

A minor can therefore reach majority, and file litigation for an injury suffered a number of years earlier and still take advantage of the Statute of Limitations

While we are not suggesting that you maintain membership applications/Waiver and Release of Liability forms for 10 years, we must ask that you maintain these documents for a reasonable time period, such as 3 years.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, as we want to be able to maintain the integrity of our insurance programs, and with your assistance, we can continue to provide superior insurance for your group, and actively defend allegations of negligence.

Thank you,

USA Rugby