Eligibility Resources

USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations

USA Rugby sets minimum eligibility standards that your team must adhere to during all competitive matches. It is your responsibility to review these regulations periodically and ensure that your team is in compliance at all times.

Foul Play and Misconduct are addressed in the USA Rugby Disciplinary Procedures, revised in May of 2016.

Transfer Request

All players affiliate to a club of their choosing by virtue of registration. The transfer request is available to those desiring a change of club affiliation. Please ensure that you have requested release from your club. If you have already participated in qualifying competition it will be necessary to seek transfer through submission of a waiver request. All those players inbound from or departing to another national rugby union need reference the USA Rugby Tours webpage.

Roster Template

Collegiate Eligibility

USA Rugby adopted a less restrictive collegiate eligibility window and new Collegiate Eligibility Regulations on September 12, 2013. The new regulations help clarify terms and vague language evident in the previous regulations.

    Club Rugby Eligibility

    Club rugby maintains registration and transfer deadlines specific to both the fifteens and sevens competitive seasons. Be sure to make all new club members aware of these deadlines.

    Youth and Minor Participant Resources