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Women's Eagles  @ Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center
CanAm Series
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Women’s Eagles drop final match of 2019 to Canada

After a brilliant opening where the United States were as clinical as ever, the Canadians came back and dominated the bulk of the game.

Losing 27-52 in the end, the Women’s Eagles never gave up despite the harsh reality against them through sixty minutes on the scoreboard. Though improvement could clearly be seen, as the USA again made multiple trips inside the Canadian 22, the team as a whole leaves the Autumn Internationals with frustration, knowing the performance was not indicative of their full potential.

“We are a little bit frustrated, we made a lot of mistakes,” said wing Sarah Levy who scored her first two international tries today.

“There were a lot of moments of brilliance and the teammate support throughout the game was really up there. Every time we huddled we were really bringing each other up and it was a great experience overall even though we did have some downfalls. There’s no better feeling than a try and an international one is top notch so I’m really happy [with that]."

The first twenty minutes were by far some of the best displays this year by the Women’s Eagles. After getting into Canadian territory early, the team applied significant pressure to force a pair of scrum penalties so Bui Baravilala could slot three points through the posts.

Setup nicely by Alycia Washington, Sarah Levy dazzled fans with the first of two beautiful runs along the wing right after, putting the United States up by ten. Though Canada answered back with their own try in the corner right after, Levy came back with another thanks to a perfect run and offload by Emily Henrich.

By halftime, Canada had taken control of the match with a 15-19 lead despite the bulk of possession and space being won by the U.S. But after both teams huddled, the Canadians came back with an edge and torched the field for a number of fast plays into open space.

In the 54th minute, the U.S. opposition were up 15-40 with tries coming from intercepted passes, gaps left open and quick passages in play that were to challenging for the USA’s defense to cover.

The U.S. still had some promising trips inside the Canadian 22 but, as has been the challenge through the Can-AM Series, the group struggled to execute against soft penalties.

Charli Jacoby and Bui Baravilala finally broke the scoring drought when Jacoby drew in defenses and cleared space for Baravilala to claim the offload, escape a tackle and score. Despite a yellow card for foul play, two more tries favored the Canadian side. But in the end, U.S. Captain Kate Zackary swooped around the corner after full time to close the match with one last Eagle try.

The match marked the conclusion of the 2019 season as the USA Women’s Eagles now enter a period of rest before preseason regional training camps kick up early next year.

Details on the 2020 schedule will be confirmed at a later stage.

Tries | Sarah Levy (2), Bui Baravilala, Kate Zackary
Cons | Bui Baravilala (2)
Pens | Bui Baravilala


1. Catie Benson
2. Kathryn Treder
3. Nick James
4. Kristine Sommer
5. Alycia Washington
6. Nicole Strasko
7. Kate Zackary (C)
8. Kathryn Johnson
9. Carly Waters
10. Bui Baravilala
11. Sarah Levy
12. Amy Naber-Bonte
13. Emily Henrich (VC)
14. Jennine Duncan
15. Leti Hingano


16. Joanna Kitlinski
17. Maya Learned
18. Charli Jacoby
19. Frieda Fetuu
20. Rachel Johnson
21. Ashlee Byrge
22. Gabby Cantorna
23. Kaitlyn Broughton



Director of Women’s High Performance | Emilie Bydwell
Head Coach | Rob Cain
Assistant Coach | Jamie Burke
Assistant Coach | Kate Daley
Assistant Coach Rich Ashfield
Coach/Team Manager | Jenny Lui
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach | Ian Jones
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach | Conor Sweeney
Head Performance Analyst | Dave Gardner
Assistant Performance Analyst | Callum Howells
Team Doctor | Terrence Cronin
Athletic Trainer | Bri Arsenault
Athletic Trainer | Katherine Henry