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USA Women’s Sevens help United States become the only nation to make every Semifinal of 2019 season

BIARRITZ, FRA. - If you win the Quarterfinal, you contest for a medal no matter what. And after making only two Quarterfinals in five World Series stops last season, the USA Women’s Eagles Sevens have defeated Russia 27-12 in Biarritz to become the make the United States the only nation to have made every semifinal of the 2019 season, on both the women's and men's sides. 

Russia took the opening attack, determined to get on the front foot having not made a Semifinal since 2018. But with brilliant defensive play by the United States, which shined throughout the match, the Eagles Sevens won the turnover and worked it to the edges for Ilona Maher to score with ease.

Defense created a number of crucial opportunities for the United States, slowing down the ball to keep the opposing side fighting for every inch of space.

Sharp as ever, an offload by Naya Tapper was almost intercepted by the Russians until Abby Gustaitis swooped in to save the pass and toss to Kris Thomas for the 10-0 lead.

Russia made it into the try zone just before halftime where the USA defense combined to hold up the try and force the Russians into a scrum. But after two penalties against the U.S. with the opposition on attack, Russia used the advantage to score, 10-5.

Clinical at the restart not only all weekend but well into the second half, Cheta Emba captured the ball where a Russian penalty set the U.S. up for a lineout mid-field. From there, Kristi Kirshe made a swift offload to Naya Tapper for the easy run in.

The Russians managed to score one more, bringing the tally to a close 15-12 before Kris Thomas danced away from defenders to put the United States further up. Then, an enormous team try with a minute remaining gave the U.S. its final advantage.

A counter ruck by Ilona Maher stole the ball away from Russia where runs by Naya Tapper and Lauren Doyle saw Kristi Kirshe dash in at support to finish with the 27-12 victory.

Having now made all six Semifinals of the season, the Women’s Eagles Sevens will face Spain at 8:51 AM ET on facebook.com/worldrugby7s.


Head Coach | Chris Brown
Head of Physical Performance | Matt Long
Head Performance Analyst | Dave Gardner
Athletic Trainer | Nicole Titmas
Team Manager | Liz Strohecker


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