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USA Men's Sevens fall to Fiji in Hong Kong Semifinal

HONG KONG - If you turn the ball over on Fiji, you'll pay the price. During the Cup Semifinals in Hong Kong, the Men's Eagles Sevens were defeated 19-28, as the result of one too many turnovers near the tryzone. 

Mistakes were not one-sided, however. The Fijians committed their fair share of penalties which helped the Eagles Sevens stay in the fight for as long as they did. 

After a lineout inside the 22, the USA had made it to the goal line where a physical counter-ruck by Fiji stole the ball and ran it back the other way for a try. 

Fiji knocked on the ensuing restart but employed good defensive spacing to keep the United States within their own half. Play opened up with a strong run from Matai Leuta which moved the Eagles back into Fijian territory and paved the way for a zig-zag run from Carlin Isles to tie it up, 7-7. 

Possession bounced back and forth keeping fans at the edges of their seats when the Fijians lost the ball on the final play of the half and the USA turned it right back over on a penalty. The turnover allowed Fiji to score their second try and take the lead at halftime. 

As play resumed, a massive run by Captain Madison Hughes was paired with an impressive pop-up jump from Folau Niua to snag the offload. Turnovers continued to overcome the game, though, as the United States knocked it on, won it from the ensuing scrum and then gave it back up on a penalty at the breakdown. Within one phase, the Fijians had scored again, 7-21. 

A comeback wasn't entirely outwritten with four minutes remaining. Fiji committed another penalty and Kevon Williams used a clever quick tap to run the ball pitch-length and cut the deficit, 14-21. Then, with another knock on from the Fijians, opportunity came forward once again. 

A clean break by Maceo Brown had fans convinced the Eagles Sevens were about to score until the ball came loose on an offload and Fiji recovered it for a try, 14-28. 

One minute still remained which meant if the United States could score quickly and snag the restart, extra time could save the game. 

The USA did capture possession in that final minute, and Carlin Isles did torch the pitch for a try, but it was too late. By the time the ball touched the grass mid-posts, time was up and Fiji had won the game. 

One final match remains at Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens, with the Eagles Sevens facing Samoa at 6:30 AM ET in the Bronze Final on ESPN+. This will be the first meeting between the two after the USA defeated the Samoans for the Gold Medal at HSBC USA Sevens last month. 


Men's Eagles Sevens Staff

Head Coach | Mike Friday
Assistant Coach | Phil Greening
Strength & Conditioning Coach | Jon Hood
Athletic Trainer | Brian Green
Team Manager | Scott Novack

Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens Schedule

Pool D | Broadcast LIVE on various ESPN Networks

vs Spain | 37-7 (W)
vs Wales | 19-21 (L)
vs England | 22-28 (L)

Cup Quarterfinals
vs South Africa | 12-21 (W)

Cup Semifinals
vs Fiji | 19-28 (L)

Bronze Final
vs Samoa | 6:30 AM ET


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