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USA Women's Sevens beat Russia amidst slippery conditions at HSBC Sydney Sevens

SYDNEY, AUS. - It's not easy to play in wet and rainy conditions. But in spite of every knock on that impaired the HSBC Sydney Sevens Cup Quarterfinals, the Women's Eagles Sevens managed to come away with a 7-5 victory over Russia. 

The clash was physical and tricky on both sides of the ball. The Sydney climate, slippery ball and anxious demeanor from each team had mixed the perfect cocktail for penalties. 

Russia was first to take points with a sideways grubber kick picked up by Baizat Khamidova and touched down to the right of the posts, 0-5. 

But for majority of the game, each team fought tooth and nail to gain control of the ball and minimize mistakes. Scrum after scrum neither the Americans nor Russians could seem to take any strong claim of it for long enough to build momentum. 

The lone Russian score remained on the board until the final minute of the match with each moment before filled with back and forth set pieces. 

Then, with less than a minute remaining, the USA had finally reached an attacking position just outside the five-meter line. Jordan Gray-Matyas used her strength to break three Russian tackles and passed to Cheta Emba who ran it in between the posts, 7-5. 

The score was close, too close; and on the final play, it goes without saying that each team was desperate to get the ball. As Russia began their final attack, the USA played a good hand, just waiting for one mistake to kick the ball to touch and seal the win. 

And so, the moment ensued for a 7-5 Women's Eagles Sevens victory. 

The United States will next face New Zealand in the Cup Semifinals tomorrow (Sat, Feb 2) at 5:34 PM ET, LIVE on facebook.com/worldrugby7s.

Women's Eagles Sevens Staff

Head Coach | Chris Brown
Performance Analyst | Dave Gardner
Athletic Trainer | Nicole Titmas
Team Manager | Liz Strohecker

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