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USA Women's Sevens make incredible comeback to defeat Spain in Langford opener

LANGFORD, B.C. - Going into today, Head Coach Chris Brown's message was belief. And though the Women's Eagles Sevens may have struggled to find it in the first half, they came back connected and driven to overcome a 12-point deficit and defeat Spain in Game One of HSBC Canada Sevens in Langford.

Spain ran away with two early tries, one in the opening minutes and another from a bobbled USA offload that Elisabet Martinez intercepted and took straight to the try zone, 0-12.

Handling errors and penalties were detrimental for the United States as three intercepted offloads continued to give Spain attacking opportunities. 

In the final play of the half, a Spanish restart fell deep into touch and the USA had a chance to possess at halfway. From there, the Eagles Sevens moved the ball inside the 22 before Spain stole it back mid-pass. As luck would have it, the referee spotted a penalty, ruling the ball dead and both teams went into the half to reset. 

The halftime break was clearly much-needed as when the United States returned, the side played with a patience and cohesion that dominated the rest of the game. 

An exciting comeback was ignited when USA’s Kristi Kirshe snagged a well-timed offload deep in the U.S. half and torched the field to outrun defenders and score. Co-Captain Nicole Heavirland added another when Abby Gustaitis cleared meters on the edge and passed with perfect timing for Heavirland to take it all the way, 14-12. 

As time ticked down, the United States continued its dominance of possession to the very end. Naya Tapper employed intelligence at the breakdown, allowing Alev Kelter to snag the ball and bully her way over the tryline at fulltime, 21-12. 

The United States will next face Fiji at 5:56 PM ET, LIVE on facebook.com/worldrugby7s.


Head Coach | Chris Brown
Head of Physical Performance | Matt Long
Head Performance Analyst | Dave Gardner
Athletic Trainer | Nicole Titmas
Team Manager | Liz Strohecker


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