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Men's Sevens advance to first ever Dubai Sevens Final with win over Australia

DUBAI, UAE. - For the first time ever, the Men's Eagles Sevens are going to the Dubai Sevens Cup Final. After opening last year's tournament with no wins -- a storyline that becomes bolder with each new victory -- the USA men have defeated Australia 17-22 in the Cup Semifinal. 

It was the epitome of a heroic victory. The Eagles Sevens opened with a 12-point lead only to wind up with a tie game on the final play where a tap and go by Folau Niua setup Danny Barrett for a Gladiator diving try.  

A well-played tournament for the USA, the team on fire has suffered only one loss this weekend. And, in a setting of fate, the U.S. men have a unique opportunity to rectify that same defeat when they meet World Cup Champion New Zealand in the Final at 10:29 AM ET.  

The United States lit up the pitch quickly when a drive by Martin Iosefo put the squad just outside the 22. Knock ons by both sides forced play to become choppy until USA reclaimed the ball deep in their own half where a huge chip kick by Perry Baker was masterfully recovered for the early dot down, 0-7. 

Matai Leuta wasted no time adding his own flair to the mix with a breakaway down the middle that gave the USA their 12 point lead. 

The tables turned just before the half, however, when Australia countered with 12 points of their own; scoring back-to-back tries in open space before the USA defense could catch a breath. 

An Australian running maul opened the second half of play with Perry Baker sent to the sin bin for an attempted knock forward. The two minutes were a detriment to the U.S. side and allowed the Aussies to capitalize on the man down advantage to claim the lead, 17-12. 

When Baker returned, the United States was still struggling to bring another fiery play to life. Then, patient in attack, the Eagles Sevens tossed the ball to Stephen Tomasin who raced to the corner for his 50th career try. 

Now tied with less than two minutes to go, both teams needed a herculean drive to reclaim the lead while still managing the remaining time. 

Two strong runs by Carlin Isles gave the USA convincing hope but the speedster was covered by an Aussie defense who knew all too well what would happen if he had space. 

It would seem that fate was against the Eagles Sevens side when a forward pass from Isles to Danny Barrett gave Australia the last possession.

But when the Aussies drew a penalty of their own, the United States conquered the opportunity. 

With no time left and the U.S. playing advantage, a tap and go by Folau Niua paved the way for Danny Barrett to take the ball all the way to the edge for a heroic try and the Semifinal victory, 17-22. 

As they've proven many times before, the Men's Eagles Sevens are more than capable of valiant performances. And it would come as no surprise if the team on fire -- now with making history right in their midsts -- sharply and definitively brought that same energy back to the surface. 

The USA and New Zealand will meet in the Dubai Sevens Cup Final today at 10:29 AM ET, LIVE on ESPN+


Head Coach | Mike Friday
Assistant Coach | Anthony "Rocky" Roques 
Strength & Conditioning Coach | Matt Long
Athletic Trainer | Brian Green
Team Manager | Scott Novack


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