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Men's Sevens claim first win of Dubai Sevens in one-sided affair

DUBAI, UAE. - All the space in the world. That's what was handed to the Men's Eagles Sevens in their one-sided defeat of Spain to open pool play of Dubai Sevens 2018. 

The Spanish side was rocked by holding on penalties and gaps of space that allowed the United States men to cruise over the tryline five times in route to a 29-0 victory. Last year in Dubai, they hadn't notched a win. And this year, the team on fire opened their Olympic qualifying season in smashing display. 

To open, a USA lineout put the ball roughly five meters from the tryline where Danny Barrett's physicality at the breakdown allowed him to run in the first points, 5-0.  As quickly as time moves, a chip kick by Captain Madison Hughes gave World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year Perry Baker the perfect bounce to claim another dot down near the posts, 12-0. 

Possession was entirely in favor of the USA men as Spain suffered one too many penalties to gain any edge to make a play. One such penalty -- for holding on -- allowed the Eagles Sevens to win a turnover and pass to Matai Leuta for a long run that made it 17-0 before the half. 

And when play resumed, the saga continued. 

Two back-to-back holding on penalties destroyed opportunities for Spain allowing the United States to score two consecutive tries. The first came by way of an offload from Folau Niua to Perry Baker and the next from a tap and go by Ben Pinkelman to Carlin Isles

In the end it was a consecutive playmaker-fast man duo that sealed the final 29-0 shutout victory; allowing the Men's Sevens to open the tournament in momentous form. 

Match two of Dubai Sevens features a Rugby World Cup Sevens rematch against Wales at 3 AM ET, LIVE on ESPN+.

Men's Eagles Sevens Staff

Head Coach | Mike Friday
Assistant Coach | Anthony "Rocky" Roques
Strength & Conditioning Coach | Matt Long
Athletic Trainer | Brian Green
Team Manager | Scott Novack

Emirates Airline Dubai Sevens Schedule

Pool C | Broadcast LIVE on ESPN+

vs Spain | 29-0 (W)
vs Wales | Fri, Nov. 30 - 3 AM ET
vs New Zealand | Fri, Nov. 30 - 9:22 AM ET

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