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Women's Sevens fall short of Canada in Paris Cup Quarters

PARIS, FRA - Going into today's Cup quarterfinal in Paris, the United States and Canada were tied in the 2017-18 standings at 44 points a piece, with Canada holding the advantage in 4th place. Poetically - as the last series stop of the year - this playoff match-up was perfectly scripted for the US to move up in the rankings. When the final whistle blew, Canada well defended their position as the US fell a conversion short in the 24-26 loss. The Women's Sevens now move on to face Spain in the 5th place semifinal. 

The first half started out strong for the United States as Canada conceded a knock on off the opening kick. The US took full advantage by finding Naya Tapper on the left flank. Tapper rode through a pair of tackles and with defenders still holding on to her jersey, reached over the line and was awarded the opening try. 

Canada followed suit with a breakaway score up the middle from Ghislaine Landry. Similar to the US, Canada in space can be deadly with their arsenal of sprinters. Charity Williams kept momentum in Canada's favor with a try off the Eagles turnover deep in their own end. The conversion would miss, US down 12-7 with the first half ticking away. 

Hoping to keep pace as time expired, the United States pieced together a brilliant drive from line to line with some clean passing to steadily move the ball down field. Looking for the right opening, Lauren Doyle was able to find a gap and dot down under posts. Going into halftime, Eagles take over the lead, 14-12.

Brittany Benn wasted no time off the second half kick to barrel her way through the middle and reclaim the lead. At the break, head coach Richie Walker urged his team to use the space of the field and "get out wide" to utilize their speed. Kris Thomas would do just that on the left flank but a knock on kept her out of the end zone. Fast forward a 20 seconds or so, Thomas swapped over to the right wing and this time was able to carry it over the line. Game tied up, 19-19.

Under a minute left and the US kept up the physicality with their defense, hoping to contain the Canadian fast breaks, but Bianca Farella was able to again find a hole up the middle, giving Landry a straight shot conversion. Now with the clock at triple zeros, the Eagles had one last play to even the score. Cue Naya Tapper. 

Tapper was able to get behind her defender, as she has done so well all season, to race away with a final try. Kelter's conversion attempt from a difficult angle missed just right, Canada holds on to the two point victory. With points still on the table, the Women Eagles Sevens move on to face Spain at 2:30pmET LIVE on FloRugby.


vs Japan | W 24-19
vs Spain | W 21-14
vs France | L 5-14


vs Canada | L 24-26


Head Coach - Richie Walker 
Athletic Trainer - Sarah Leslie 
Head of Physical Preparation - Matt Long 
Analyst - Dave Gardner 
Team Manager - Liz Strohecker