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Men's Sevens fall to Aussies but punch ticket to Vancouver Quarters

VANCOUVER, BC - Looking to extend their record World Rugby Sevens Series win streak to 12 in a row, the Men's Sevens took the pitch for the Saturday finale against Australia. Despite taking a 14 point lead into the half, A John Porch hat trick gave Australia the 31-21 victory and Pool A crown. The Men's Sevens do however move on to the Cup Quarterfinal in a date with New Zealand. 

Head Coach Mike Friday wrapped up the day saying, "Ultimately we've not played our best rugby, but there is plenty to be happy about and we've got a ticket to the cup... at the end of Day One that is the best place you can be, so we're in with a shot."

The first half started off in a stalemate with the US toying with possession around midfield. No attack would mount as the ball went touch line to touch line, yet the Eagles were still able to control the ball without turnover. Ready to get things going, Carlin Isles found an opening on the left flank and drove in for a try. 

After the kick, Perry Baker took off for the ball with his patented leap but was unable to bring it down. Jesse Parahi reeled it in and drove up the middle for the first 7 Aussie points. 

Baker then did Baker things and followed with a pair of tries. Passing Samoa's Mikaele Pesamino for 9th on the all-time World Rugby Sevens Series try list. The first came off a classic series as Danny Barrett started the run with a strong stiff arm, found Folau Niua on his left, who then crossed back over his shoulder to Baker, spinning the Aussie defense around. 

Sandwiched in the breakdown and crucial to the series was Niua. Although he won't frequent the highlight reel, Folau has been a critical foundation to this team. When asked what it will take for Folau to be recognized on a Dream Team, Friday answered...

Going into the half, US leads 21-7.

The second half would be all Australia, more over all John Porch. Picking up a hat trick in the 8', 13' and 15' Porch was able to put pressure on the American defense. In the 13' Baker made an effort to run down the quick Porch, but couldn't quite bring him down by the ankles. 

Looking to counter, Baker took to the right flank in an attempted breakaway, but was tackled out of touch. Rising to his feet, Baker tossed the ball in frustration and received a rare yellow card. Australia sets up with a man advantage and capitalizes with a third Porch try. Kicker Stannard would miss his conversion, giving the US a window for victory with just over a minute left. Lost in the breakdown, Australia defense held tough and claimed the turnover. Sealing the win with a last try from Holland. 

The US goes into Day Two with a 2-1 record and will face a dangerous New Zealand in the Cup Quarterfinal. New Zealand went 3-0 on the day including a statement win over South Africa. Catch the Cup Quarters and the remainder of Canada 7s on ESPN 3.