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Ireland defense leads to Women's Sevens loss to close out Sydney

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - With 8 points available to the Women's Sevens in their final match of Sydney 7s, the team ran onto the pitch for their only game today and their eyes on Ireland. Impressive defensive stands from the Irish however kept the US from posing a threat and ultimately gave them a 19-10 win. 

"We let some games slip away at the start," said Head Coach Richie Walker, "We were able to turn those around in the second half but just not quite enough." 

The team in green started with possession and seemed uncoordinated early with mishandled passing and dropped balls. The US tried to take advantage, but Ireland was able to collect themselves and surprisingly break away for the first try of the game. Louise Galvin would dot down for the Irish. 

As the half continued, the United States struggled to create an attack against the Irish defense. Every progression seemed to have a green shirt in pursuit. Captain Nicole Heavirland was able to force what looked like a costly turnover at mid-field, but even still, the Irish defense was able to contain. 

The lone opportunity for the Eagles in the first half came after a long drive brought them within five meters of the try zone, but a fumbled pass from Jordan Gray gave the ball back and lead to a 0-14 halftime deficit. 

In the second half, the United States would finally solve the sturdy Ireland line as Cheta Emba and Hope Rogers wrestled the ball over the line, but it proved too late as time faded off the clock. 

Head Coach Richie Walker will look to regroup in San Diego as the club peers ahead to Kitakyushu, Japan. Leaving the outback with 6 points, giving them a total of 24 on the World Series, the Women's Sevens do find themselves in good overall position.

Walker concluded, "We've got to work on coming out of the gate stronger and putting together a good 14 minutes."

Japan 7s kicks off April 21-22 and will be featured LIVE on The Rugby Channel

Women's Eagles Sevens Roster | Sydney 7s Tournament

Tia Blythe
Sarah Buonopane
Ryan Carlyle
Cheta Emba
Jordan Gray
Abby Gustaitis
Nicole Heavirland (C)
Alev Kelter
Natalie Kosko
Kiki Morgan
Hope Rogers
Naya Tapper

Women's Eagles Sevens Staff | Sydney 7s Tournament

Richie Walker, Head Coach
Sarah Leslie, Athletic Trainer 
Jon Hood, Head of Physical Preparation
Dave Gardner, Analyst
Liz Strohecker, Team Manager

Women's Eagles Sevens Schedule | Pool B | Sydney 7s Tournament

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