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Men's Eagles Sevens battle the elements in opening victory over Tonga.

SAN JOSE, CA - The elements played an interesting role in the Men's Sevens opening match against Tonga with rain and cold temperatures at Avaya Stadium. Never the less, the Eagles came back from a slow first half to overpower Tonga and claim a 29-7 victory. 

Back and fourth ball movement from line to line began the early minutes as the US took first possession, however a wet ball proved hard to handle with #7 Folau Niua dropping for a knock on. The US would soon recover and find their way into the try zone, but nearly miss the dot down from Matai Leuta as he was held up in goal. 

Tonga found a way to clear from their own end, pick up a midfield scrum and break away towards the try zone. Tonga #10 would slide nearly 10 meters in the wet grass before pitching the ball out to #12 Viliami Soakai for the first points of the match. 

Stephen Tomasin immediately countered on the next possession, coming off the blindside for his first of four scores. He would again slide across the try zone grass only moments later. 

Amidst the weather, Head Coach Mike Friday rallied enthusiasm at halftime, to find his squad counter the Tongan ruck and dish out to #11 Kevon Williams, giving the US a 17-7 lead. 

From there on out, it was a one sided display as Tomasin found the pay dirt twice more and the Eagles waltzed toward a 29-7 victory. 

The next match should present a verifiable challenge as New Zealand comes out of an upset delivered by Chile. See the match LIVE at USA Sevens Facebook.

USA Rugby Men's Sevens | Silicon Valley Sevens
1. Malon Al-Jiboori
2. Ben Pinkelman (C)
3. Joe Schroeder
4. Matai Leuta
5. Ryan Matyas
6. Anthony Welmers
7. Folau Niua
8. Maka Unufe Jr.
9. Stephen Tomasin
10. Chris Mattina
11. Kevon Williams
12. Martin Iosefo
13. Madison Hughes

USA Rugby Men's Sevens | Silicon Valley Staff
Mike Friday - Head Coach
Chris Brown- Assistant Coach
Brian Green- Physio
Paul Goulding- Team Analyst
Sarah Sall - Team Manager

Men's Eagles Sevens | Silicon Valley Sevens
v Tonga: W 29-7
v New Zealand: Saturday, Nov. 4 @ 4:28pmPT
v Chile: Saturday, Nov. 4 @ 8:00pmPT