Top 5 things to do in San Diego during the Women’s Rugby Super Series 2019

The Women’s Rugby Super Series is coming to sunny San Diego, California. We’re excited, you’re excited, all the teams are excited – and we want you to get the most from two weeks of action-packed rugby in one of the most picturesque cities in the USA.

Where do you even start? Don’t worry, we got you.

When you’re not dressed head to toe in Red, White and Blue (or even when you are) enjoy some of these Top 5 things to do in the local area. We all love how rugby takes us around the world; and this time, we’re getting the best of the best in Southern California.

Top 5 national teams meet the Top 5 things to do during the Women’s Rugby Super Series.

And, might we mention: these are in no particular order (except for the food, we love food).

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1. Explore the Foodie in you

You hungry? We’re hungry. The Top 5 Women’s National Teams are coming to San Diego and, of course, all the cheering, screaming and scrum-watching works up the appetite. The greater San Diego area is full of great places to eat. From world-class street tacos to wood-fired pizzas and every culture you can think of. They’ve got it. Do some googling, we’re sure you’ll find something right around the corner.

2. La Jolla Cove

It’s California. You have to go to the beach. This is a quaint and relaxing cove with some seals and sea lions from time to time. Lots of great restaurants nearby. Get your rugby fix and take a scenic drive to the Cove.

3. Balboa Park

Secret’s out, California has a lot of sun. And if you’d prefer to avoid the inevitable sand-everywhere, scrunched-towels, high-tide nature of the beach, Balboa Park is a perfect alternative. A 1,200 acre park in the heart of San Diego with more than 16 museums, performing arts venues, gardens and trails. Lay out a blanket, grab some snacks and maybe even review those match-day lineups under the sun. You are welcome.

4. San Diego Zoo

This one needs no introduction. Lots of animals, miles to explore and a perfect way to entertain the kids between matches. We wish rugby was all day, every day but some time with the Koalas just might bridge the gap.

5. Old Town San Diego 

What’s a little rugby without a little culture? Old Town San Diego takes you back in time to the history of the city and state with a classic Spanish twist. 27 historic buildings with unique architecture. Don’t tell anyone, but we heard there was a handmade tortilla stand that doesn’t disappoint. Five different nations represented on the pitch and there’s a little something extra waiting outside the venue walls. Time well spent we say.