23 American Teams to Participate in Bingham Cup

The biennial world championship of gay and inclusive men’s and women’s rugby, is returning this year for its ninth edition.


Lafayette, CO.- The Mark Kendall Bingham Cup, the biennial world championship of gay and inclusive men’s and women’s rugby, is returning this year for its ninth edition, with the United States sending twenty-three teams to Amsterdam to participate. The tournament’s festivities will begin on June 2nd, with match play beginning on June 8 running through to June 10.

While it is an international competition, The Bingham Cup has always had a large American presence to it and it’s largely due to the hard work of its namesake, Mark Bingham. Bingham was a 9/11 hero aboard Flight 93 which famously saw civilians fight against terrorists and stopped them from reaching their target. His presence within the American rugby community was impressive too, as he was a member of the San Francisco Fog, and the founder of the Gotham Knights.

The namesake of the tournament isn’t the only American tie in to the competition. The Bingham Cup has an American flavor to it in other ways. In the previous eight iterations of the Cup, American teams (coincidently the two that Mark Bingham was associated with) The San Francisco Fog and Gotham Knights have won the cup. Not only do American teams fare well, they also make up a large contingent of the participating teams. This year there will be 23 teams from America represented, which is more than double that of any other country.

“In 2002 8 teams competed in San Francisco for the inaugural Bingham Cup.  The tournament has now grown to be one of the largest 15 a side rugby tournament is the world.” Noted Andrew Purchas, Chairman of International Gay Rugby (IGR).  “The USA has been an enormous contributor to the growth and success of gay rugby around the world, hosting the Bingham Cup 4 times and being home to more than 28 gay and inclusive rugby clubs, more than any other country…In many ways the USA has lead the rest of the world in showing the strength of gay and inclusive rugby.”

With the Tournament being held in Amsterdam, this marks the first time that the tournament will be held oin continental Europe. It previously had been held in England, Ireland, Australia and America. America has hosted it four times San Francisco 2002, New York 2006, Minneapolis 2010 and most recently Nashville in 2016.

Full list of American teams competing:

The teams competing have been able to make it due in large part due to the financial support they have received from various local businesses.