World Rugby Releases Simplified Law Book

The new law book is 42% shorter and is now easier to read and comprehend.

On the 1st of January, World Rugby released their shortened and simplified law book in their continued effort to simplify and improve accessibility to the game. An issue that Bill Beaumont, World Rugby Chairman, has admitted is a large barrier to entry for those looking to enter the game. “The laws can be difficult to understand for new participants and fans and the new law book goes a long way towards simplifying it and making it easier to understand.”

According to World Rugby CEO, Brett Gosper, World Rugby has been able to condense its law book without changing any of the laws: “We’ve actually taken about 42% out of the book, to ensure the accessibility and the readability of the law book.”

The new law book is a product of two years of work that aimed at increasing clarity and decreasing the contradictions and repetitions that were found in the previous law book: “what they have produced will make a big difference to the game as we seek to make rugby more accessible to all.” Beaumont added. 

We seek to make rugby more accessible to all

Bill Beaumont- World Rugby Chairman

USA Men’s National Team General Manager, Dave Hodges, was full of praise for the updated law book: “Players and coaches are after clarity, and to have the laws simplified are a good step towards that.”

In continuation of their effort to increase the accessibility to the game the law book is available digitally through their website, and through the App Store for apple users.