USA Rugby Referees Announce New Panels & Administrators

The USA Rugby Referees’ Selection Committee convened in June and July 2016. The process included reviewing and discussing, in detail, all the current referees on the panel and identified prospects, totaling 22 referees.

The goal of USA Rugby Referees is to identify and develop the best referees in the country to maintain excellence and consistency to top-level competitions nationally and to develop referees to represent the United States internationally. It is key to have a group that works together, supports one another, and wants to be successful.

“We have worked over the past decade to build a team culture of success. It is achieved through commitment, values, transparency, communication and accountability,” said USA Rugby High Performance Referee Manager, Richard Every. “The rugby landscape is ever-evolving and requires continued education. It incorporates a full circle of referees, performance reviewers, referee coaches, team coaches, and management. The past three years we have extended our resources through supporting development with camps that included over 60 participants, both men and women that are referees, performance reviewers and referee coaches. These camps were attended by candidates that show potential to be top contributors in the future.”

Michael Kelly, Brian Zapp, and Marc Nelson have retired from the National Panel. They have each represented USA Rugby Referees internationally in test matches and have refereed many major national finals.

“It is always a difficult decision to retire from top-level refereeing, but we respect their decisions as they have increased work and family commitments,” USA Rugby Selection Committee Chair, Ed Todd, said. “We thank them for their excellent contribution to USA Rugby over the years and look forward to their involvement and support in other avenues of the game.”

Newly promoted to the USA Rugby Referees National Panel are Lee Bryant, from Northern California Referees, and Jake Still and Mike O’Brien from Potomac Referees.

USA Rugby Referees National Panel (alphabetical order)

  • Phil Akroyd
  • Shawn Bastic
  • Leah Berard
  • Lee Bryant
  • Scott Green
  • Josh Houston
  • Ed Gardner
  • Miles McIvor
  • Mike O’Brien
  • Nick Ricono
  • Jim Rogers
  • Haylee Slaughter
  • John Stevens
  • Jake Still
  • Derek Summers
  • Kurt Weaver

Selection Committee 2016
Ed Todd (Chair), Kat Todd, Davey Ardrey, Peter Watson, and Riaan Van Greuning.

It is also time to say farewell to Ed Todd and Kat Todd (no relation) who are stepping off the Selection Committee. We thank them for their outstanding contribution to USA Rugby Referees. Joining the committee are Marc Nelson (Chair) and Amanda Cox.

The Referee & Laws Committee also welcomes a new Chair in John Clavin, who was elected in May. He takes over from longstanding Chair, Bruce Carter. We thank Bruce for all he has done for rugby and refereeing in both Northern California and the USA.

Requirements for USA Rugby Referees Panel includeClearly and consistently demonstrates a degree of comfort, competence, capability and confidence in refereeing high level matches

  • Demonstrates long-term commitment as referee
  • Responds appropriately to performance analysis and evaluation
  • Demonstrates self-motivation and willingness to self-analyze
  • Demonstrates high knowledge and understanding of the game
  • Demonstrates mental agility and adaptability
  • Benchmarks successful fitness requirements
  • Contributes positive energy to and operates well within the High Performance System
  • Demonstrates commitment to the community, and contributes to the development of match officials
  • Clearly and consistently demonstrates superior degree of comfort, competence, capability and confidence in the context of the top matches officiated in major competitions and Championships, and exhibits skills worthy of international nominations and appointments
  • Demonstrates very high knowledge and understanding of the game
  • Demonstrates excellent ambassadorial skills