Academic Honor Roll announced for 2015-16 season

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – More than 250 student-athletes have been recognized for their on- and off-field performances during the 2015-16 competitive season as part of the 2015-16 USA Rugby National Collegiate Academic Honor Roll.

In the five years USA Rugby has made the national distinction of student-athletes that have been consistent starters on intercollegiate rugby teams with cumulative grade point averages of 3.50 or higher (on a 4.0 scale), more than 1,250 have been named to the Honor Roll. The honor roll this year includes athletes from more than 80 colleges across all divisions.

“As the quality of rugby at the college level grows, it’s important to remember the fundamental reason for attendance,” USA Rugby College Director Rich Cortez said. “The student-athletes named to this year’s Academic Honor Roll have kept their priorities in line and have represented their families, schools, and communities with great pride. Not too many years ago our list of academic honorees was a fraction of the number in this year’s list. It’s a reflection of commitment to maintain rugby’s core values in the classroom as well as the field.”

3.90 or Higher Cumulative Grade Point Average

First Name Last Name Institution Class Major Minor Position
Monica Thorne Boston College Junior Biology, Economics   Outside Center
Susanne Neher Boston University Senior International Relations African Studies Hooker
Vianney Gomezgil Yaspik Bowdoin College Sophomore Mathematics Computer Science No. 8
Meredith Outterson Bowdoin College Junior Environmental Studies-Government and Legal Studies Visual Arts Lock
Anna Piotti Bowdoin College Senior German Education Flanker
Elena Schaef Bowdoin College Senior French; English Teaching Lock
Caren Meerman Davenport University Graduate Student. Masters of Management Bachelors of Sports Management Loose head Prop
Thomas Valencis Eastern Connecticut State University Junior Accounting and Business Admin BIS Lock
Daniel Letchford Harvard College Junior Psychology   No. 8
Spencer Sperling Kansas State University Senior Mechanical Engineering Physics Hooker
Brooke Clifford Kent State University Junior Nutrition Business Lock
Sarah Giachetti Kent State University Senior Speech Pathology & Audiology Psychology Fly half
Christina Swift Life University Junior Business Administration   Wing
Jennese Bacon*** Lindenwood University Junior Exercise Science Athletic Training Flanker
Laura Enk*** Lindenwood University Junior Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy Loose head Prop
Louis Flores Louisiana State University Sophomore Finanace   Lock
Michaela Heath Marist College Senior Athletic Training   Full back
Joshua Pentecost Middle Tennessee State University Senior Business Administration Finance and Economics Inside Center
Aftyn Wildes Minnesota State University – Mankato Senior Law Enforcement Recreation, Park, and Leisure Services Wing
J. Muniz New England College Graduate Student. MSCIS, BA, BS   Outside Center
Lea Walsh Notre Dame College Junior Finance, Accounting Spanish Fly half
Mickayla Roan Providence College Sophomore Health Policy and Management Business Studies Inside Center
Patrick Ryan Saint Joseph’s University Sophomore Economics and Psychology Business Intelligence & Anayltics Scrum half
Katharine Tooke Saint Michael’s College Senior (5th Year) Chemistry   Wing
Alexandra Ballesteros Stanford University Graduate Student. Latin American Studies (MA) International Relations (BA) Iberian and Latin American Cultures Lock
Dahlton Brown Stanford University Graduate Student. Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies Tight head Prop
Ian McColl Stanford University Junior Mechanical Engineering   No. 8
Fiona Meyer-Teruel Stanford University Senior Mechanical Engineering Computer Science Flanker
Joseph Muller Stony Brook University Sophomore Biomedical Engineering Specialization in Molecular and Cellular Biology Wing
Danielle Bittner Univ. Wisc. Stevens Point Senior Buisness Administrationl Spanish Wing
Gaia Cicerchia University of Michigan Junior Kinesiology   Fly half
Janera Martinez University of Michigan Sophomore LSA   Wing
Timothy Stefczak University of Minnesota – Duluth Senior Chemical Engineering & German Studies   Flanker
Tom Murphy*** University of Oklahoma Senior Biology & Mathematics   Outside Center
Wadih Eljuri University of Texas at Dallas Senior Economics Finance Flanker
Christina Frost US Coast Guard Academy Senior Operations Research and Computer Analysis   Tight head Prop
Laura Bergeron Wayne State College Senior Elementary Education   Lock
Nancy Escobar*** Wayne State College Junior Elementary Education K-8 and Special Education K-6   Hooker
***4.00 & Higher

3.50 or Higher Cumulative Grade Point Average

First Name Last Name Institution Class Major Minor Position
Kourtney Davis University of Alabama Senior Mechanical Engineering & Spanish Full back
Kimberly Davis University of Alabama Senior Biology Wing
Savannah Harper University of Alabama Senior American Studies Inside Center
Cleone Skinner University of Alabama Junior Criminal Justice Lock
Krisie Stakely University of Alabama Junior Accounting Fly half
Tara Thomas University of Alabama Sophomore Exercise and Sports Science Loose head Prop
Talia Ulrich University of Alabama Senior International Studies and Spanish Loose head Prop
Miranda White University of Alabama Senior (5th Year) Exercise and Sports Science Flanker
Britney Fuller Arkansas State University Junior International Business   Tight head Prop
Jennie Hastings Arkansas State University Sophomore Business-Accounting   Inside Center
Randi Hestir Arkansas State University Sophomore International Business   Scrum half
Sarah Smith Arkansas State University Junior Psychology   Wing
Kristen Vaughn Arkansas State University Junior Business   Loose head Prop
Cassi White Arkansas State University Senior Education   No. 8
Devon Benbery Babson College Junior Business Finance and Economics Wing
John Boland, Jr. Babson College Sophomore Business Mathematical Finance Flanker
Samuel Casey Babson College Sophomore Business Finance Fly half
Jarrod Ford Babson College Senior Business Marketing Lock
Michael Horbowy Babson College Sophomore Business Finance Wing
Forrest Landy Babson College Junior Business Entrepreneurship and Operations Management Hooker
Graham Quisenberry Babson College Senior (5th Year) Business Economics and Finance Full back
Matthew Renzi Babson College Junior Business Finance Flanker
Omari Ross Babson College Sophomore Business Finance No. 8
Joshua Sapers Babson College (Olin College) Junior Engineering Business Scrum half
Tyler Hawkins Baylor University Senior Sports, Sponsorship, and Sales Corporate Communication Hooker
Walter Woodruff Baylor University Senior Health Sciences   Lock
Patrick Hafenbridle Bethel College Senior (5th Year) Exercise Science   Hooker
Alyssa Liem Boston University Junior Mechanical Engineering   Scrum half
Georgia Bolduc Bowdoin College Sophomore Earth and Oceanographic Science Government and Legal Studies Scrum half
Virginia Crow Bowdoin College Sophomore Visual Arts; Asian Studies   Lock
Juliette Dankens Bowdoin College Sophomore Mathematics; Visual Arts Economics Wing
Anna Kaplan Bowdoin College Junior Biochemistry; Mathematics   Wing
Alice Kim Bowdoin College Junior Computer Science and Mathematics French Inside Center
Emily King Bowdoin College Senior Biochemistry   Scrum half
Madeleine Lemal-Brown Bowdoin College Sophomore Sociology; Francophone Studies   Outside Center
Julianna Lewis Bowdoin College Sophomore Classics   Flanker
Cameron Odgen-Fung Bowdoin College Junior Environmental Studies- Earth and Oceanographic Science Chinese Outside Center
Ivette Pala Bowdoin College Senior Economics; Russian   Flanker
Sarah Wilson Bowdoin College Junior Neuroscience Education Studies Hooker
Taylor Duncan Central Washington University Sophomore Special Education P-12 Early Childhood Education Flanker
Jennifer Johnson Central Washington University Sophomore Information Technology and Administrative Management Sport Business No. 8
Kayla Hsueh-Chiao Postula Central Washington University Sophomore Law And Justice   Lock
Thomas Rippert Clemson University Sophomore Accounting   Hooker
Jonathan Furman Cornell University Senior Government   Scrum half
Kaitlin Schneider CSU, Fresno (Fresno State) Senior (5th Year) English Tight head Prop
Megan Walls CSU, Fresno (Fresno State) Junior Kinesiology Biology No. 8
Nikki Wheeler CSU, Fresno (Fresno State) Junior Business Administration (Sports Marketing) Media Arts Flanker
Hayden Aldredge Dartmouth College Junior Geography and History No. 8
Peter Badenhausen Dartmouth College Sophomore Physics Lock
Jack Braun Dartmouth College Senior History Tight head Prop
Benjamin Hannam Dartmouth College Sophomore Computer Science Flanker
Steven Hinshaw Dartmouth College Sophomore Economics Lock
Ryan Maguire Dartmouth College Senior History Economics Wing
Ian Sullivan Dartmouth College Sophomore Physics Flanker
Erik Warnquist Dartmouth College Senior Economics Flanker
Andrew Werchniak Dartmouth College Sophomore Engineering Sciences Flanker
Andrew Zhu Dartmouth College Senior Mathmatics Wing
Danielle Ordway Davenport University Junior Sports Management Management Outside Center
Courtenay Tafel Davenport University Senior (5th Year) Marketing Sports Marketing & Advertising and Promotion Wing
Hannah Tennant Davenport University Junior Nursing Nursing Fly half
Jack DeHaven DePaul University Sophomore History Philosophy Lock
Marc Akinbi Georgetown University Sophomore Economics   Lock
Donald Angelini Georgetown University Junior Finance and Operations and Information Management (OPIM)   Hooker
Christopher Coffey Georgetown University Senior Philosophy, Spanish German Full back
Chen Han Georgetown University Junior Biochemistry Mathematics Inside Center
Calum Mullan Georgetown University Junior Government Business Administration Wing
Jaryt Reed Georgetown University Junior Political Economy and Psychology   Outside Center
Preston Rise Georgetown University Junior Political Economy Business Administration Loose head Prop
François Valentin Georgetown University Sophomore International Politics- Security   Flanker
Tyer Welsh Georgetown University Sophomore Government and English   Wing
Kristen White Gustavus Adolphus Sophomore Chemistry and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology double major   Flanker
Kazuma Makihara Harvard College Sophomore Computer Science   Lock
David Matthews Harvard College Senior Economics Computer Science Hooker
Kainoa McCauley Harvard College Sophomore Human Evolutionary Biology   Flanker
Greg Bolte Iona College Junior Finance   Lock
Sean Hardiman Iona College Senior International Business   Scrum Half
Michael Scarcella Iona College Sophomore Economics   Center
Evan Staikos Iona College Senior Marketing   No. 8
Timothy Ash Iowa State University Senior Supply Chain and Management Information Systems French and Spanish Wing
Andrew Kollenkark Iowa State University Senior Mechanical Engineering   Inside Center
Matthew Kriha Iowa State University Graduate Student Animal Science and International Agriculture   Loose head Prop
Jessie Vallejo Kansas State University Junior PreVet   Hooker
Nicole Fogwell Kent State University Sophomore Psychology Mathematics Flanker
Lisa Slattery Kent State University Junior Business Finance Business Management Flanker
Jordan Ghyzel Kutztown University Senior Business Administration   Flanker
Wesley Hartmann Kutztown University Senior Biology/Pre-Med   No. 8
Dillon Smith Kutztown University Senior Business – Finance   Lock
Deshel Ferguson Life University Senior Business Administration   Wing
Darian Lovelace Life University Junior Biology   No. 8
Gracie Martinez Life University Senior General Studies   Scrum half
Conner Mooneyham Life University Sophomore Business Administration   Wing
Jason Riekena Life University Sophomore Business Administration   Lock
Kimberly Semiglia Life University Junior Exercise Science   Fly half
Taina Aumua Lindenwood University Sophomore Pre-Nursing Health Hooker
Kendal McCracken Lindenwood University Junior Sports Managment Business Wing
Dana Olsen Lindenwood University Sophomore Finance Business Wing
Hannah Dunn Marist College Sophomore Biology   Scrum half
Rita Graham Marist College Junior Social Work   Loose head Prop
Sierra Morris Marist College Senior Psychology Global Studies Fly half
Wesley Cantrell Middle Tennessee State University Sophomore Aerospace Administration Homeland Security Lock
Amanda Fins Montclair State University Junior English Business Full back
Paige Gallagher Montclair State University Sophomore Justice Studies; Child Advocacy and Policy Justice Systems Inside Center
Jenna Norgard Montclair State University Senior Psychology Pre Law, Criminal Justice Flanker
Lindsay Truszkowski Montclair State University Sophomore Animation/Illustration Leadership Development Through Civic Engagement Tight head Prop
Robert Campbell III University of New England Junior Medical Biology Inside Center
Liam McNulty Ohio Wesleyan University Junior International Studies, Politics and Government Philosophy, German Fly half
Bailey Finocchio Providence College Junior Business Management Spanish Tight head Prop
Madison Godshall Providence College Junior Health Policy and Management Business Studies Wing
Allison Klos Providence College Junior Finance Accounting Wing
Katherine Shields Providence College Sophomore Elementary and Special Education / Sociology   Lock
Emily von der Heyde Providence College Senior Elementary and Special Education Spanish Flanker
Samantha Arnez Sacramento State University Nursing Scrum half
Paul Gunter Saint Joseph’s University Graduate Student Experimental Psychology   Scrum half
Matthew Raimondo Saint Joseph’s University Junior Finance   Loose head Prop
Aram Keshgegian Saint Jospeh’s University Sophomore Food Marketing   Full back
Joseph Mazur Saint Louis University Senior Biology   Lock
Kevin Reilly Saint Louis University Senior Health Management   Flanker
Phillip Stelzer Saint Louis University Junior Sports Business Economics Lock
Micheal McCarthy Saint Mary’s College of California Junior Business Administration   Inside Center
Bradley Roberts Saint Mary’s College of California Senior (5th Year) Business Administration- Marketing   Scrum half
Nicholas Schlobohm Saint Mary’s College of California Senior Biochemistry   Wing
Michael Tillson Saint Mary’s College of California Senior (5th Year) Political Science   Lock
Kallie Brown Saint Michael’s College Senior Elementary Education Gender Studies Lock
Teresa DiTommaso Saint Michael’s College Junior Psychology Philosophy Inside Center
Lindsay Feeney Saint Michael’s College Junior Computer Science Mathematics Wing
Molly Maliska Saint Michael’s College Junior Chemistry   Lock
Caroline Smith Saint Michael’s College Junior Psychology   Scrum half
Owen Marks Saint Michaels College Sophomore History, Political Science Economics Lock
Andrew Clem Santa Clara University Senior History   Fly half
Erika Sweet Santa Clara University Sophomore Mathematics   Scrum half
Riley White Santa Clara University Senior Finance   Lock
Sarah Edwards Siena College Senior Political Science Pre Law No. 8
Jennifer Ogle Siena College Senior Mathematics Physics Fly half
Alexandria Thies Southwest Minnesota State University Senior Graphic Design Studio Art Tight head Prop
Phillip Jackling St. Bonaventure University Senior Political Science   Lock
John Sullivan St. Bonaventure University Graduate Student Accounting   No. 8
Olivia Bernadel-Huey Stanford University Sophomore Human Biology Computer Science Scrum half
Nicholas Perkins Stanford University Senior Chemical Engineering Material Science Lock
Alexis Schoenberg Stanford University Junior Product Design Engineering Human Biology Wing
Megan McAndrews Stanford Unviersity Junior Symbolic Systems   Wing
James Alrassi Stony Brook University Senior History Chemistry, International Relations Scrum half
Dylan Clay Stony Brook University Graduate Student MBA Accounting Wing
Robert Maloney Stony Brook University Senior Mathematics Education Flanker
Michael Tretola Stony Brook University Graduate Student MBA in Finance Economics and Accounting Flanker
Andrew Wyman Stony Brook University Senior Economics and philosophy Accounting and Applied Math & Statistics Lock
Rachel Allen Syracuse University Senior Health and Exercise Science   Inside Center
Donna Gureckas Syracuse University Junior Television, Radio, Film Sociology Wing
Desiree Hurlbut Syracuse University Junior Broadcast & Digital Journalism AND Information Management & Technology   Outside Center
Sarah Kelly Syracuse University Senior Television, Radio, & Film and History   Full back
Samantha Mello Syracuse University Graduate Student Fish & Wildlife Biology and Management   Flanker
Katherine Miller Syracuse University Senior Bandier Program for Music and the Entertainment Industries   Scrum half
Hannah-Abigail Mosier Syracuse University Junior Public Relations, Women’s and Gender Studies Policy Studies Hooker
Kyle Lauck Texas Christian University – TCU Senior (5th Year) Biology Chemistry Tight head Prop
Terrul Ratcliff Texas Christian University – TCU Junior Biology Chemistry Flanker
Paris Jones Texas Christian University – Women’s Rugby Sophomore Jornalism Computer Science Loose head Prop
Oliver Powell Texas State University Junior Mechanical Engineering Technology Physics Tight head Prop
Jacob Hoffman Texas Tech University Senior Nursing   Loose head Prop
Rebecca Filipek The Catholic University of America Junior Biochemistry Psychology Flanker
Courtney Nelson The Catholic University of America Junior Biomedical Engineering Neuroscience No. 8
Mary Ranagan The Catholic University of America Junior Nursing Spanish for Healthcare Inside Center
Colleen Regan The Catholic University of America Junior Biomedical Engineering Neuroscience Outside Center
Linka Schleusener The Catholic University of America Junior Nursing   Flanker
John Bennett Tiffin University Senior Sports Management Business Management Hooker
Grant Dingess Tiffin University Senior Homeland Security Criminal Justice Inside Center
Sean Dorocher Tiffin University Graduate Student Homeland Security Criminal Justice Full back
Simonson Jacob Tiffin University Senior Homeland Security Criminal Justice Fly half
Tyler Stoltz Tiffin University Junior Homeland Security Criminal Justice No. 8
Luzader Wyatt Tiffin University Sophomore Homeland Security Criminal Justice Scrum half
Maddie Brenner Tulane University Junior Public Health No. 8
Hannah Hoover Tulane University Junior Anthropology and Classical Studies Fly half
Alayna Kuhlmann Tulane University Sophomore English and Psychology Lock
Gwen Leifer Tulane University Sophomore Physics Outside Center
Tristan Peronard Tulane University Junior Neuroscience and Cognitive Studies Lock
Caroline Scott Tulane University Sophomore Public Health Wing
Zoe Schmitt U of Virginia Senior Civil Engineering Global Sustainability Inside Center
Eva Larios UCLA Senior Spanish Education Studies, Mexican Studies Lock
Michael Tarolli UMass Amherst Senior Marketing, Sport Management Italian Studies Wing
Brady Frantz UMBC Junior Information Systems Mathematics Hooker
Kourtney Davis University of Alabama Mechanical Engineering Full back
Kimberly Davis University of Alabama Biology Wing
Cleone Skinner University of Alabama Criminal Justice Lock
Krisie Stakeley University of Alabama Accounting Fly half
Tara Thomas University of Alabama Exercise and Sports Science Loose head Prop
Miranda White University of Alabama Exercise and Sports Science Flanker
Sean Greer University at Allbany Junior Business Administration Economics Full back
Colton Kells University at Buffalo Senior English   Flanker
Gabbrielle Grinslade University of Arizona Junior 1. Molecular and Cellular Biology 2. Biochemistry   Tight head Prop
Jack Casey University of Arkansas Sophomore Economics Business Analytics Fly half
Scott Griffin University of California Santa Cruz Senior BA Politics, BA Legal Studies   Hooker
Conner Powell University of California Santa Cruz Senior Biomolecular Engineering Bioinformatics Flanker
Skylar Siegal University of California Santa Cruz Junior BA Philosophy Politics (undeclared) No. 8
Brigitte Freeman University of California, Berkeley Senior History Undeclared Lock
Ceara Lafferty University of California, Berkeley Senior Media Studies Gender and Women’s Studies Lock
Greer Sullivan University of California, Berkeley Sophomore Intended Linguistics Undeclared Fly half
Kayla Tubera University of California, San Diego Junior Communication Visual Arts – Digital Video and Film Production Wing
Sean Prendergast University of Louisville Senior (5th Year) Psychology & Sociology Spanish Full back
Johnathan Shanklin University of Louisville Senior Chemistry   Wing
Thomas Ross University of Massachusetts, Amherst Senior Finance Economics Scrum half
Nate Fisher University of Michigan Sophomore LSA   Flanker
Megan Melton University of Michigan Sophomore LSA   Inside Center
Alena Olsen University of Michigan Sophomore LSA   Outside Center
Jeremy Reid University of Michigan Junior LSA   No. 8
Samantha Taylordean University of Michigan Junior Engineering   Flanker
Lars Anderson University of Minnesota Duluth Senior (5th Year) Teaching Secondary Social Studies Outdoor and Environmental Education Tight head Prop
Michael Watson University of Missouri Junior Civil Engineering   Lock
Robert Campbell III University of New England Medical Biology Inside Center
Logan Gregory University of South Carolina Junior Sport and Entertainment Managment   No. 8
Hannah Larsen University of South Florida Junior Health Sciences Spanish No. 8
Jamie Murphy University of South Florida Senior Mass Communications Business Hooker
Robyn Oliveri University of South Florida Senior Marketing Leadership Studies Fly half
Ashley Kohl University of Texas Sophomore Computer Science and Social Work   Scrum half
Melanie Bowler University of Texas at Dallas Junior Physics Mathematics Inside Center
Elaine Lai University of Texas at Dallas Sophomore Neuroscience   Scrum half
John Stimson University of Washington Senior Psychology   Fly half
Mitchell Arvidson University of WIsconsin Senior Political Science, International Studies   Loose head Prop
Benjamin Lehrmann University of WIsconsin Sophomore Biology   Hooker
Meagan Bodin University of Wisconsin Stout Senior Applied Science – Biotechnology Human Physiology Minor Full back
Gwendolyn Kinsman University of Wisconsin Stout Junior BS Applied Math & Computer Mathematics Education Wing
Allison Knutson University of Wisconsin Stout Junior BS Criminal Justice & Rehab Psychology, Sociology Flanker
Alivia Lensing University of Wisconsin Stout Sophomore BS Health Wellness & Fitness – Fitness Professionals Coaching Outside Center
Christine Leonard University of Wisconsin Stout Senior BS Food Science and Technology Communication emphasis Loose head Prop
Marissa Popp University of Wisconsin Stout Senior BS Applied Science, Interdisciplinary Science Business Administration, Human Physiology Flanker
Chase Bockstruck US Air Force Academy Junior Management French Flanker
Benjamin Burmester US Air Force Academy Junior Biology   Inside Center
Kimberlee Capp US Coast Guard Academy Senior Civil Engineering   Inside Center
Aileen Fagan US Coast Guard Academy Senior Marine and Environmental Sciences   Lock
Allison Rychtanek US Coast Guard Academy Junior Marine and Environmental Science   Scrum half
Elizabeth Bennett Vassar College Junior Anthtopology   Tight head Prop
Anne Fritzson Vassar College Senior Psyc Japanese Wing
Gary Garcia Vassar College Sophomore Physics   Scrum half
John Loree Vassar College Senior Physics Mathematics Loose head Prop
Sarah Mawhinney Vassar College Sophomore International Studies French Flanker
Justin Nam Vassar College Senior International Studies   Flanker
Nicholas Olkovsky Vassar College Junior ENST   Fly half
Molly Osborn Vassar College Senior STS Mathematics Wing
Zachary Rippe Vassar College Senior MEDS   No. 8
George Sheppard Vassar College Sophomore Political Science Economics Lock
Joseph Simon Vassar College Sophomore MEDS   Full back
Max Lyons Washington University in St. Louis Senior Chemistry Computer Science and Engineering Full back
Shelbi Brown Wayne State College Sophomore Pre-Med Chemistry Health Science   Lock
Kelsa Didier-Mills Wayne State College Junior Biology Pre- Physician Assistant Tight head Prop
Turner MacPhee Wayne State College Sophomore Applied Human and Sport Physiology Coaching Flanker
Hannah Meyer Wayne State College Senior Elementary and Special Education   Hooker
Maryssa Schleis Wayne State College Junior Chemistry   Wing
Jessi Lange Wayne State College Nebraska Junior Secondary English Education Coaching Endorsement Lock
Simbarashe Chirara Western Michigan University Senior Finance, Entrepreneurship General Business No. 8
Ryan Loney Western Michigan University Sophomore Business Law Sales and Business Marketing Flanker
Dominic Piazza Wheeling Jesuit University Senior Accounting   Scrum half
Megan Wolff Winona State University Sophomore Nursing   Outside Center