Women’s Eagles reflect on Can-Am loss


MILL BAY, British Columbia — A day removed from the first match in the Can-Am Series, a 51-7 drubbing against Canada, the Women’s Eagles have a chance to reflect on the game. Despite the score line, they are continuing on their path and growing as a team.

Here is what they have to say about the game and the remaining match of the Can-Am series:

Pete Steinberg, head coach
“This series is our last opportunity to answer questions about our players and our style of play, and yesterday gave us some clarity as to how we move forward. The score looks bad, but Canada had world-class athletes in positions that lined up against some of our most inexperienced players.”

“We did have some great moments out there, but having a loss like that really makes players and staff reflect on what occurred on the field and how to move forward as a team. (Canada) did a great job of exploiting our weaknesses.”

Peter Baggetta, defense coach
“There is a lot that we are taking from this game. We did well at the things that we focused on prior to the match. Canada exploited the areas we hadn’t worked on extensively. It really helps us move forward with those things after a performance like that.”

Jamie Burke“We just did not adjust well and Canada took advantage of that. This is good for us going into Saturday because it means we have a lot of room for growth, and we can see where that growth needs to happen.”

Stacey Bridges“A lot of their tries came from errors and turnovers on our part. This means that going into the game Saturday, that all of these things are minor adjustments and things that we can control and learn from. We need to work hard and play our game plan.”

Kimber Rozier, flyhalf
“Now it’s about coming together in these next few days to dial it in so that we can step it up to the next level. Our focus is on the next game to really actualize our potential and end the series on a high note.”