Eagles arrive in Victoria for Can-Am Series


VICTORIA, BC – “111 Days” read boldly across the screen during the Women’s Eagles first meeting during the Can-Am Tour. The number indicates the days remaining for the Eagles before their match against Ireland at the IRB Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014.

The meeting captured the focus of Pete Steinberg’s squad before heading out for a practice held at Shawnigan Lake School.

“We want to maximize our efforts on the practice field,” explained the head coach during the meeting. “This isn’t a lot of time to prepare, so we need to get every last thing that we can out of every practice, meeting, and team function.”

While focus remains on Canada for the team, an effort was made to also showcase the importance of such a series and its benefits to the Eagles beyond the short-term.

“The Canada games are very important to us and we are here to win, but we also have to understand that we are looking to grow and improve from everything we do,” continued Steinberg.

“Practice went well and the intensity was high.”

Training gave players a chance to not only execute the goals and patterns discussed just moments before, but to stretch for the first time since arriving in Canada.

Earlier in the morning, the Eagles arrived in Victoria to start the team’s nine days of tour.

“The meeting was great and is helping us get on the right track, but I still think we need a bit more focus to get us to where we need to be right now,” said Jamie Burke following the team’s classroom session.

The veteran prop got exactly what she was looking for after a two-hour on-field session.

“Practice went well and the intensity was high,” said Burke. “The aggression really came out, but in a supportive way. It was great.”

And the Women’s Eagles are looking to grow on the momentum.

“I thought for our first day after our long travel, we had a great practice and it really helped us build on what we put in during the east and west assemblies,” said Steinberg. “It was good to see with two challenging matches against Canada coming up.”

From here, the squad will train daily at the Shawnigan Lake School in addition to the two games against Canada.

Shawnigan Lake School is the sight of Tuesday’s match between the countries. Kickoff is slated for 3:30 P.M. (6:30 P.M. ET).